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.:. Soul Patrol
Fans of Hicks have been dubbed the "Soul Patrol". Hicks frequently mentions the Soul Patrol after performances, best shown after winning Idol, Ryan Seacrest asked if he had any parting words and Hicks yelled, "Soul Patrol!"

Hicks became the subject of two Weekend Update lampoons on NBC's Saturday Night Live on April 15 and May 20, 2006, portrayed by cast member Jason Sudeikis. In an allusion to Hicks' quirkiness and disposition, Sudeikis mocked playing Hicks' trademark blues harmonica and repeatedly shouted out "Soul Patrol!" Hicks, when interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on the subsequent episode of American Idol on April 18, 2006, as to whether or not he saw the imitation, admitted that he had and that the impression made him "fall out on the floor" with laughter.

During a promotional event for Idol in Alabama, Hicks "inducted" Governor Bob Riley and his wife into the Soul Patrol. Hicks also has two goldfish, named Lamont and Ray, around whom fans have created and maintain a blog. Hicks also became the interest of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. The Secretary of State, according to a Time Magazine report, "took time out from diplomacy to join the millions of Americans awaiting the results of the singing competition." The report also notes that a State Department official "tells Time Magazine that Rice is an unabashed fan of the show and plans to send Hicks her congratulations." Hicks has also won the respect of Republican Congressman Spencer Bachus (sixth district of Alabama, where Hicks is from).

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