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.:. Trivia

1. Is the first and only white man and the fifth Southerner to win American Idol.

2. Nickname: Soul Patrol; Tay Tay; Gray Charles

3. Trade mark: Grey hair

4. His music reflects his favorite music: the old songs of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and Ray Charles. In fact, he used to always carry a tiny statute of Ray Charles on stage with him. It was lost or stolen recently and he's been looking for another one.

5. According to his grandmother, Taylor has never had any music lessons. He came running up to her when he was about twelve years old saying, Grandma, you've got to hear this! Then he sang Otis Redding's Try A Little Tenderness for her.

6. Plays guitar and a blues harmonica or harp.

7. Writes most of his own songs.

8. He left college before graduating and went to Nashville for nine months to pursue a musical career. He has played for various venues around the United States. He has even played a couple nights at the Playboy Mansion.

9. His fans are known as the Soul Patrol.

10. Worked at a shopping mall and would dress up as the Easter Bunny for Easter and spring promotions.

11. Is close friends with Elliot Yamin.

12. Was touring in New Orleans with his band, the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra, on the night Hurricane Katrina hit and used a ticket voucher to fly to Las Vegas.

13. Bought a $2 harmonica at a local flea market when he was 16 and has been playing harmonica ever since.

14. He is the second American Idol winner from Birmingham, Ruben Studdard being the first.

15. Some rituals he does before he performs are pray and count the heads in the audience.

16. His favorite male artists are: Billy Joel, Van Morrison, and Bob Seger.

17. His favorite female artist is Cyndi Lauper. and Has two goldfish, named Lamont and Ray.

18. Likes healthy food and was skinny as a child.

19. As an infant, he had blond hair. His hair color turned dark brown/black as an adolescent and started turning gray by the time he was 15.

20. As a child Hicks was often called Coconut Head because of his hair style.

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